Indian Lake Borough increased yearly water rates in 2022 to $480 per year to pay for the new DEP-mandated Treatment Plant and Tank.  Construction activity started in the summer of 2021 and the new plant was permitted and put in operation in October 2022.  Debt will be repaid over 15 years.  The Borough placed a 2-year contract with G-Force to run the plant and perform routine maintenance.  It is expected that $480/year will cover the debt and this contract cost, and there is no rate increase for 2023.

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The Indian Lake Borough Council will hold their second meeting of the month via Zoom ONLY on November 23, 2022 with one agenda item; to approve the proposal for a water/wastewater operator.  Please use the links below to view the agenda and Zoom link.

November 23, 2022 Agenda

Zoom Information

Use the link below to view the Boat Safety Video created by our Boating Committee.

Indian Lake Boat Safety Video

Please see the link below for the most recent Indian Lake Borough Fee Schedule.

2021 Fee Schedule

New Boating regulations, in Ordinance 191, were enacted in 2021.  Check them out.  Click Here 

Snowmobiles and ATVs; Sharing the Road

Council enacted Ordinance 187 permitting joint use of Borough roadways for properly registered and operated and insured snowmobiles and ATVs. This Ordinance is permitted by recent changes in state laws and is viewed as important legislation for recreational and recreation-friendly communities such as ours.

The Ordinance is available by clicking the link below. There are many important provisions, restrictions, limitations and nuance in the Ordinance and, more importantly, the underlying state laws.

Golf Carts are specifically excluded from PA's ATV, Snowmobile or NEV regulations and provisions, and are thus NOT permitted under these ordinances.

Ordinance 187

Chapter 77 of the Motor Vehicle Code

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