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Inarguably the most valuable item of ‘infrastructure’ at Indian Lake is Indian Lake itself.  A recent comprehensive study of the Lake’s water quality has found it to be one of the cleanest lakes ever studied by DEP, and perhaps the cleanest private lake in the Commonwealth.  This is a testimony to the stewardship of our predecessors, and preserving that legacy is a challenge to us all going forward.

Protecting the dam has been a major current undertaking and we are all aware of its importance; that guarantees we have a lake.   Preserving the Lake’s water quality must also stay in the forefront.  One surprising fact from the DEP Study is that Indian Lake’s water quality is actually better than the two main incoming tributaries (Clear Run and Calendar Run).  Our watershed (all area feeding the lake and its tributaries) is around 14.5 square miles, only a portion of which lies within the Borough’s boundaries and the rest is beyond our control; what is important though is that it is not beyond our influence.  With our lake water quality being driven by the tributaries, and most of our watershed outside of our control, we need to partner with the surrounding communities to keep it clean or to make any improvements. We are in an excellent position to gain influence now, proactively, before we absolutely need to.  



Joe Lazzaro, Chair

Mike Marshall, Co-Chair

Gary Lamolinara

Joe DeMarco

Anthony Tobul

Shaun Nemeth

Terry Hertzler

Chris Keiser

Pam Tadken

Paul Balint

Lou LaMarca


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