NFIP and Updates to Flood Insurance Rate Maps [FIRM]

The FEMA is updating Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) across the country by 2012-2013.  Indian Lake Property Owners will be impacted by some of the new changes.  Below is reference material you may read at your leisure.

There was one upcoming Public Info session in 2010, in conjunction with our Annual Meeting.  

The current floodplain maps were developed in 1984 and are quite crude.  Indian Lake Borough has 2 Zones; Zone A is pretty much the Lake itself, a flood hazard zone; Zone C is the land/property, all considered above the 500-year floodplain.  Zone A also includes low-lying areas upstream in the major tributaries.  It is not very precise...

The new digital maps are available and will become effective September 19, 2012.  They are much higher resolution and show much of our lakefront and low-lying properties as being in Zone A.  The actual floodplain boundary depends on dam for all but a few properties in the Borough and the 100-year flood elevation for the Lake itself is just under 2284 feet and houses are generally well above that.

Indian Lake is Community Number 422513 in the National Flood Insurance Program.   We show up on 'panels' 270D, 280D and 290D of the overall Somerset County preliminary maps:

42111C0270D   (900KB *.pdf file)
42111C0280D   (800KB *.pdf file)
42111C0290D   (900KB *.pdf file)
These are very hi-res maps and can be 'zoomed' extensively.  Most of the Lake is on panel 290D.  Most of the rest is on panel 270D.  A very small section of Calendars Run is on 280D.

We have one paper copy of each panel at the office.  You may stop by and look at them but we cannot lend them out.